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Scottsdale Real Estate Attorney

Warm and down to earth, a champion for homeowners and advocate for their rights, attorney Laura B. Bramnick offers comprehensive, effective legal counsel.

Scottsdale Real Estate Mediator

Caring and personable, attorney Laura Bramnick's passion for law, coupled with her real estate expertise, enables her to offer sound legal counsel for her clients' real estate needs.

In choosing legal counsel, it is important to remember that although your case may fall under the heading of real estate, it is generally affected by other areas of law, as well.

For example, if you are facing a foreclosure, there are federal laws that can affect how and when a third party, or debt collector, can contact you. If you are trying to short sale a home after divorce, family law may affect how you can do so. State law governing asset distribution can affect real estate inheritance.

Without an attorney knowledgeable in all areas affecting your case, you may be compromised. Laura Bramnick started her career as a divorce lawyer. Through the years, her genuine interest in all areas of law, and their ancillary affects on her cases, has led her to continue her legal education in myriad areas.

Ms. Bramnick knows that a good attorney safeguards her clients and their well-being. Each decision or direction she and her clients make together is with one purpose: the most effective resolution — for now and for the future.

Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Attorney Laura B. Bramnick, PLC, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, has more than 30 years of legal experience. She holds an active real estate license, in addition to being licensed to practice law.

Fiercely committed to protecting her clients, attorney Laura Bramnick offers exceptional legal representation. Contact her at 480-359-1158 for your consultation.

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